DECEMBER EVENTS and NEWS Starting in January, Slumgullion's studio walls become a Print Gallery. This is a fundraising effort for the Print Gallery to be erected in the soon-to-come Community Printshop. For printmakers and zine makers, only! Zine pages, comic panels, band posters, woodcut prints.. you name it. Contact me if you are interested in a show!

TEEN ZINE: i.e The Zine Association for a Better America, has now begun their first zine project: "Emotions for Gummies." Soon to be available at the ZACC! Please support this program by purchasing this zine, donating money earmarked for the Teen Program, or sending me interested teens to take the class. Thursdays, after school.

A kid's ZINE WORKSHOP is coming soon! please let me know if you have younger kids who want to make zines. Comic artists, poets, budding journalists, and doodlers of all kinds welcome!

EXCLUSIVE 10-minute Reading Series LAUNCH! First Fridays, at the ZACC, in the Slumgullion Studio. Starts JAN 2/ We'll post reading times on the door. A limited number of people will be able to enter each reading, like at the fair. Wander thru ZACC and check out the art while you wait your turn. A line-up of readers is already forming. Wanna read Friday Jan 2 or Feb 6th?

We have been having e-mail issues but they are being resolved. Look for me on Facebook and Twitter as another contact option. (DebbyFlorence)

Rapid Memo Typing Service will be LIVE on the scene at the ZACC SPECTACULAR DECEMBER 14th! See . Slumgullion Studio! Typing on demand! We will make a POETRY/STORY gift for you, just tell us a name and a subject and instant typing will commence.

COMMUNITY PRINTSHOP: I have created program descriptions for this amazing project, and need help posting stuff on the web. We need volunteers , and anyone that wants to help with fund raisers. Contact me for info.

ZINE LIBRARY taking donations! Ask me how! Thanks for all your support and good cheer!

Posted by debby on Dec 03, 08 | 8:48 am

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