Seeking Teen Takeover I hereby invite teens ages 14- 18 to take over Slumgullion. Learn the history of small presses, and how to start one yourself via a week-long internship-style class at the ZACC. During the week, we'll create one anthology and at least one personal project ( your own book of your own comic, poetry, drawings, or misc. content.). Bring along work that you have already created, but also be ready to create fresh work. On Saturday morning we take the Bicycle-powered bookmobile to the Saturday Market and hawk your wares like small press publishers have done since the dawning of the printing press. You will get the profits from whatever you sell, just like all other ZACC artists. You will also be able to place your book/zine in the ZACC shop, and on the Slumgullion Etsy website (ZACC shop and Etsy site require a 20% commission). Consider this week a training for possible future Slumgullion takeovers on your own. Yes. If you do well in this class and prove trustworthy, you can use the bookmobile other times, and you will have the opportunity to be a main organizer for Slumgullion.
Posted by debby on Apr 01, 09 | 4:33 am

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Above are images of the Slumgullion Bookmobile, our old studio, and some of our zines. This image changes each time you refresh this page. Click on the image to see them all on the Flickr site.